ALLMediaServer - what is it for?

ALLMediaServer is very easy to use Media Server that enables you to watch or casting your videos, listen to music or view photos on all of your devices (TV, smartphone, Chromecast, XBOX, Smart TV) more
What News:
- French language added - thank you for the translation
- support for MIBOX devices
- volume control on TV and other connected devices
- improved display of some program elements
- other minor fixes noticed by users
What News:
- improved rewinding of files larger than 4GB
- some files over 4GB disconnected after several minutes
- much faster conversion for Chromecast
- added showing time to end of conversion
- Czech language added - thank you for the translation
- conversion has been improved
- a hint with the file name has been added - makes it easier to read the name when it does not fit under the icon

What's new:
- the user IP detection error has been corrected, (TV files could have been seen on the computer, but could not have been played)
- the ability to quickly and easily convert movies to Chromecast or older TVs has been added
- Chromecast support improved
- corrected adding subtitles from disk to movies
- improved support for sending movies to PS4 consoles
- subtitle handling improved
- rmvb movie support added

What's new:
- improved stability
- Chromecast 3 detection improved
- correct work on Windows 7